Friday, March 13, 2009

Simms G4 Guide Boots

Okay I'm a sucker for several things when it comes to flyfishing: fanny packs, indicators, anything with a Permit on it, and wading boots. I have enough to stock both film versions of the "River Why ". My recent addition to my arsenal is the Simms G4 Guide Boot with the new StreamTread sole by Vibram. I have to admit that I'm impressed. After climbing around in these things, I believe them to be the ultimate winter steelhead boot. I've climbed down a muddy hill, through wet grass, up and down large boulders, tip toe on woody debris and seem to get great traction. I've done this without the aid of studs. I would certainly recommend them for a number of the rivers of the Northwest like the Clackamas, Sandy, Klickitat rivers. I have a feeling that I'll still want them with studs for the Deschutes and North Umqua. The forefoot is nice and roomy for a couple of pairs of nice warm socks. I like the "pulley" system for the forefoot so I can crank down on the extra long laces and they will equally tighten. One disadvantage is that they are heavy, and probably not the best choice for summer wet wading but then again, that's when I bring out a pair of sandals. I do find the StreamTread soul to be comparable to felt and certainly better than prior incarnations that were going to replace the old soles. I can't report on the durability but giving them the once over they look to be as close to bulletproof as possible with overlapping reinforcements. Perhaps, now I can stop the madness of buying more and more boots, and my Imelda Marcos days are over. Yeah, probably not.


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