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Sage Z-Axis 7136-4

Product Review | Sage Z-Axis 7136-4

This could quit possibly be the best all around, do everything Spey rods on the market. It’s progressive tip loads easily while the butt section has plenty of gusto to give’er the heat. While it’s a wonderful summer steelhead rod, it still has the power to fish heavy sink-tips and big flies on large winter rivers.

Rod Specs: Line:

Line: 7  
Length: 13’6”
Sections: 4  Wt. In Oz: 7 1/8
Action: Medium-fast 

Guide Recommended 

Spey Lines Skagit Shooting Head: 510 grain Airflo Skagit Compact or 525 grain 

Rio Skagit Flight Sink-tips for Skagit Head: 11' to 13' of Airflo CCT 200 or Rio T-11, T-8 

Scandinavian Shooting Head: 420 grain Airflo Scandi Compact or 7/8 Rio AFS with 10' 

Airflo Poly Leader Running Line for Skagit/Scandi: 30lb. Airflo Ridgeline Or Short Belly: 7/8 

Airflo Delta Spey or 7/8/9 Rio Windcutter Or Long Belly: 6/7 Airflo Delta Long   

Product Review: 

The Sage Z-Axis 7136-4 has become one of our best selling Spey rods. It’s the perfect “All-around” rod for both summer and winter steelhead fishing on medium to large rivers. It can easily handle 12’ of Rio T-11 or Airflo T-10. In the hands of a skilled caster, it can handle 12’ of T-14 or T-13. The 7136 is a dream with floating lines. From long bellies to Scandi heads, this rod can do it all. Consequently, it’s a favorite stick for Northwest steelhead guides. John Hazlett, Matt McCrary, John Farrar, JD Love, and Scott Howell all use the 7136 on a daily basis. Its medium to medium-fast action combined with Sage’s Generation 5 Graphite makes it one of the easiest casting rods on the market. The Sage Z-Axis 7136-4 is a great choice if you’re looking for an easy casting Spey rod for any season.

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