Monday, December 14, 2009

Field Tested | Simms G3 Stocking Foot Waders

I hate it when companies change a product design that I love. This was the case in the Simms G3 wader. About a year ago Simms changed the leg seams from the inseam to the front of the wader. I thought to myself, “Now why in the hell would you go fixing something that isn’t broke?” I heard the same mumblings from some of my friends. As it turns out, Simms does know more about designing waders than me… I just retired my first pair of the new design to our guide services loaner fleet of waders. After guiding from July of 2008 through October of 2009, I only had one pinhole leak caused from a blackberry bush. That’s an entire Deschutes Season, a whole winter season, a trip to Alaska, a trout season, and another Deschutes season worth of fishing and guiding! The G3 is without doubt the most durable wader I’ve ever owned. Plus, the pocket design and hand-warming pocket keep my gear organized and my hands warm on chilly mornings.

Tom Larimer
Larimer Outfitters

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