Saturday, December 19, 2009

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The Single Hand and Spey Rod product pages have been updated.
Check it out...

Fly rods have come a long way over the years… They’re lighter, stronger and more responsive then ever. Today’s single-hand rods give casters blinding line speeds, incredible loop control, and unbelievable sensitivity. While Spey rods are dominating the Northwest scene, single-hand sticks are still king in some steelhead circles.

Spey rods have changed the way we approach our steelhead rivers. The boulder that was just out of reach with your 9' 8 weight is now within your range. Chucking big, heavy flies... No problem. We all know controlling the swing speed of our flies is key to success, right? Not to mention, Spey casting is super fun!

In our book, that's the point. ...Enough said.
>Spey Rods

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