Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a word from steelheadbum...

As the angling thought process, technology, and products advance, steelhead fishing is no longer considered a game of chuck and chance. We now have rods designed for specific fishing situations. Open up any fly rod company’s catalog and you will find a vast variety of Spey rods, single hand rods, and now switch rods. As anglers, we can find a weapon perfectly suited to our fisheries. Additionally, the fly line companies have stepped up to the plate with lines built to perform with the new rod designs. Skagit shooting heads for sink-tips and big flies, Scandinavian tapers for a more efficient casting stroke, multi-tip lines for versatility. Additionally, the fly companies have finally realized the need to offer flies designed by the cutting edge anglers of today. More so, the outerwear available today is more advanced than ever. Manufactures are producing more comfortable, longer lasting garments designed with the steelheader in mind.

With all of the new advances in our sport, quit frankly, it can get a little intimidating. If you’ve ever been to a spey clave, you would’ve heard many folks talking in what may seem like a foreign language. Phrases like grain weight, tip deflection, weight windows, & constant motion casting buzz around circles of casters. Our goal is to cut through that buzz and make sure you get the right product and information for your needs... Without having to learn a new language. If you do speak the foreign language of the planet steelhead, we can do that too.

Our online fly shop offers a huge selection of everything you'll need to chase steelhead from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes. Additionally, we have developed relationships with the most talented guides in the industry to give you field tests and valuable product information. More so, we keep you up to date on the hottest rivers and what you'll need to fish them with on the Destinations page. If you've ever pursued steelhead, or are thinking about taking the drug, you will enjoy this site. SHB

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