Saturday, November 20, 2010

One of our long time SteelheadBum customers came up with a great way to organize your sink-tips.  Using the smallest font on your computer, simply print out the length and weight of your sink-tip.  Using a scissors, cut out the label as thin as you possibly can.  With a latex glove on your hand, smear a light coating of AquaSeal glue slightly longer than your label onto the loop of your sink-tip.  If you are building braided loops onto sink-tip material like Rio T-14, you’ll already have a base layer of glue to work with.  After applying the glue, let it dry for about ten minutes.  It should still be very tacky.  Carefully lay the label onto the tacky glue.  Using your fingers, fold the label around the diameter of the sink-tip.  Let the Aqua Seal glue dry completely.  To get straight loops, it helps to hang the drying loop off the edge of a table with a cloth pin.  A few heavy books placed on the sink-tip will prevent it from sliding off the table.  Once the glue is totally dry, coat the label with another layer of glue and repeat the drying process.   While this is a tedious process, it makes life a lot easier once you’re on the water.  Plus, your guide will love you for it!

As a side note, the new Airflo Custom Cut sink-tips and Rio MOW tips have a color-coated loop to distinguish, sink density.  Very cool.

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