Friday, November 27, 2009

November Focus

It's the day after thanksgiving, did you get your turkey on?
Are you ready to get back out on the river with some day old turkey sand-witches?

November is one of our treasured times of the year. For many of us here at SteeelheadBum, this is when we get to fish. Our guide schedules have finally slowed down, the rivers are un-crowded, and there’s still plenty of late summer fish to go out and have some fun.Something about

November creates urgency in steelheaders. An urgency fueled by the thoughts of short days, endless downpours, and the inevitable winter coldness. Not that we don’t love winter steelheading. There’s just something about the magic about the late fall. After an amazing season like 2009, I guess it’s just hard to let go.


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